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Failed Predictions Of MAGA Astrologist
Gianpaolo DiCocco

   DiCocco predicted that Marine Le Pen would win the French election. Oops!

DiCocco predicted a Le Pen Win multiple times, including in 2 YouTube videos.
In the Facebook post below DiCocco, who is the only one who can "make astrology great," predicts Le Pen anew.
He also got "Le Pen wins" from his Tarot Card reading (just to be sure).

The snide, pompous DiCocco in his dime store costume hat made sure to mock other astrologers
for predicting Le Pen -- just before he himself jumped on the Le Pen bandwagon.

Above: At the start DiCocco mocked other astrologers for predicting Le Pen. Above he puts the word "astrologer" in quotes for Barry Goddard.
He states "I'll tell you right now that Le Pen's natal charts and NOT look good at all for her."
So he's always flip-flopping. After he saw others predicting Le Pen, DiCocco jumped on the Le Pen bandwagon with both feet. He made two videos predicting her. But in the above post the "voice of the cosmos" wants to wait until it's narrowed down to two before he tries a prediction.
After mocking Goddard for an analysis he called "very poor and scanty" DiCocco placed huge significance on a trifle like Le Pen's Arabic "Part of Fortune,"
a mathematical point proposed by an ancient Arabic mathematician-astrologer (along with hundreds of other "parts") that DiCocco has no experience watching and which is not even considered a reliable significator of external things by those who have studied Arabic Parts.
(And as usual, he points to no examples where the P-O-F figured in other cases or election wins, but simply asserts.)

Increasingly nervous to predict, DiCocco tried to put an out into his prediction; some fail-deniability, by stating there might be "election fraud." However, this won't fly, for the purpose of an astrological prediction is to say what happens -- in this case who wins -- along with whatever factors the astrologer may be involved or in the picture or the background such as "fraud," "media support," money, etc.

After he was wrong DiCocco, The Voice of the Cosmos who knows 'the true astrology that always predicts,'
said his fail was "not a big deal whatsoever." The only one who can "make astrology great" now takes shelter with astrologers
he attacked and mocked, saying 'They were also wrong!' In two Freudian slips he says:
"The show must go on"
and "Now to carry on with business as usual!"
DiCocco is now getting slaughtered so badly in Comments for the two videos he had to disable comments.

Ever the slippery eel, the "Voice of the Cosmos" now claims he had faulty birth data. (How incompetent! How negligent!)
Speaking of himself in the Third Person DiCocco writes:
"GianPaolo predicted Le Pen; however, due to new evidence, that prediction is null and void. BOTH candidates have faulty birth data."
No honest astrologer would affirm there are major differences between the two Le Pen charts, one at 11 am and the other 11:20 (the one DiCocco negligently used). They have the same planets-in-houses (except Pluto in 11th vs. 12th) and the same house rulers. Both candidates would have been having the same planetary transits and progressions on election day and during this period. Le Pen would have still had transiting Mercury conjunct her Saturn on election day (a giveaway: you get bad news and goodbyes then), and Macron would have had the same raft of positive transits on election day, including Jupiter all over his Pluto during this period. If anything, the 11 a.m. Le Pen chart (which DiCocco did not use), is the stronger natal chart as it features a Sun/Mercury sextile to her ascendant. There are no substantive differences that would have caused DiCocco to predict differently, as his prediction was just copycatting other astrologers in the first place. 

Freaky Fact: The Kook makes extreme attacks against Locational Astrologer Julian Lee who he calls "negligent" for having an incorrect birth year for him, though Lee sincerely tried to help him and was not paid. Notwithstanding that faulty data Lee's prediction of career improvements came true for DiCocco in California, where DiCocco acknowledges he attained the best position and pay of his life, plus went from being a nobody to being famous in a new career of astrological pundit and enfant terrible.)

Toilet astrology: In one of his first videos DiCocco dances around his bedroom in Pasadena with a toilet plunger
while wrapped in the American flag and threatens viewers with it. Was it a sign?

Another alibi used by DiCocco and his groupies is "Le Pen really won." They spin DiCocco's miss with lines like: "Le Pen didn't want to win, so she threw the election by making herself unpleasant in the debate, so she really won" or "Macron didn't really win because their was fraud" etc. But the goal of the astrologer is, again, to predict "what happens" in this messy, complex world. Thus an astrologer would say: "Macron wins, through fraud, a band plays a marching tune, the weather is sunny." Or "Le Pen loses, and it was because she wanted to, a dog barks" or "Macron wins, and it's because he had money and media behind him, but he's really a body double" etc. DiCocco's goal was predict who wins, whatever might be the surrounding factors of that win.
Fun fact: Knowing he merely lucked out with his "big" Trump prediction, DiCocco is insecure in his use of astrology.
With the French election just two days away and feeling nervous about his prediction,
he resorted to Tarot card reading (suddenly a Tarot expert):

DiCocco says his Tarot reading predicts a Le Pen win. Still got it wrong!
Will Runes be his next specialty and forte?

 The French Election is just one more fail in DiCocco's growing list of prediction fails.
DiCocco predicted an "attack on American soil" to take place in "late December 2016
to early January 2017. His phrase suggested significant aggression from another nation,
or at least a major terrorist event such as a serious bomb,
and was attended by gravity and portentous music. "Breaking News!" "Disastrous!"
The only thing DiCocco could point to was one more lone gunman incident,
common nowadays, a Jan. 6 Fort Lauderdale shooting that took 5 lives.
(Many mass shootings have higher casualties.) DiCocco stated that he got his
prediction from "the cosmos." Note how direly worded it is. "Warning the
people of the United States and the world at large." It would "unfold"
like a major event.

   The shooter-of-five was an American, and it's already forgotten today.
DiCocco insisted that this common event fulfilled his exaggerated, dramatically worded prediction.
(Even though he was "four days off.")
Likely, Chicago alone had more shootings that day.
In the following posts from that thread, DiCocco is seen spinning that common event as validation.
He digs himself in deeper to his mess by telling us to "expect a higher probability of these events"
between January and mid-March 2017. 

"A higher probability" is going to occur. How about that for not committing to anything?
Nobody can disprove whether a "higher probability" just passed by or didn't.
The "cosmos" was too shy to say: "There will be more of these events." Or even "Expect more."
And there was no increase.
This site tracking shootings shows that January, Feb, and March were very average months for shootings.
Where's this dramatic "attack on American soil"? The same site shows that (click the bar)
from January 6 until March 22 -- the period DiCocco specified above --
no other shooting with five or more deaths took place.
This gives 
DiCocco a foil star for a double-fail.
DiCocco made dire predictions that the US navy would suffer a serious attack
and he specified the dates of April 11 and 12 as the most likely time.
Nothing happened.

 Note the dire wording and definite implications:
"***WARNING...great danger for the US Navy abroad..
...attack on foreign government institutions...
Particularly around April 11th, 12th...
Is another attack imminent???...
To the Department of Defense: BE CAREFUL.
Raise all ships to the highest alert level allowed by international law...naval wound."


But nothing happened.
DrudgeReport headlines April 11  |  Drudge headlines April 12  |  Drudge headlines April 13

DiCocco bases his entire credibility on the fact that he predicted a Trump win,
as if this winning of a coin toss (there were only 2 real possibilities) proved greatness as an astrologer.
Trump had huge crowds and Hillary was always falling over, and other astrologers predicted it before him.
For example Astrologer Julian Lee, who helped DiCocco overcome his job troubles and who DiCocco continually attacks,
 predicted a Trump win back in July 2016. So did a few others.
DiCocco's late-in-the-game prediction, using garden variety astrological guesswork,
is DiCocco's whole claim to fame, from which he hopes to build an empire selling cups and shirts that say "Make Astrology Great Again."
He appears to put a great deal of time and energy into pure marketing.


Though trying to build up a business by attacking other astrologers,
DiCocco has been accused of foraging for other astrologers' ideas and statements,
then presenting them as his own. This is mentioned in this blog. Julian Lee has heard DiCocco taking phrases
and ideas that Lee presented in his reading to DiCocco,
presenting them as his own knowledge on the internet.

In the statement above DiCocco says "Astrologers know that the quincunx is a lottt worse than a square."
One more bare assertion and fabrication. It would be hard to find such a statement in astrological
literature. What he's doing is trying to quote Julian Lee from his reading,
not anything generally agreed by astrologers. Then he makes another original assertion about
Mercury-Quincunx-Neptune, but does not tell us who called it "the ultimate lying aspect"
or where this is written. DiCocco pulls statements that have no basis out of his ass.
Recently DiCocco appears to have copycatted other astrologers to make a prediction
about the French election. 
After two other astrologers predicted Marine Le Penn would
win, DiCocco mocked and abused them.
A week later, with round #1 a few days away and Le Pen polling high,
DiCocco shamelessly jumped on the bandwagon and also predicted a Le Pen win.

This copycatting is even apparent in his failed "attack on American soil" prediction.
YouTube commenters pointed out that another YouTube astrologer made a similar prediction
prior to his; he was purloining her stuff. At that time DiCocco acknowledged it in posts
(since deleted) where he groused that another astrologer might have "misled" him.
So the "cosmos" had to copy another astrologer whose prediction ended up a bust.
These posts on the "attack" thread, not yet deleted, refer to DiCocco's copycat attempts at divination:

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